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Some of the key functionalities of the Startrail-Sdk-Js include:
  • Provides simple access to EOA without crypto wallet and knowledge
  • Provides the user information including a user's email with support for multiple social(SNS) and email based login
  • Signs an arbitrary message with the Ethereum private key associated to your EOA
    • This can be used to connect the wallet to your website
  • Executes blockchain transactions through our API with meta-transactions
    • Users sign EIP-712 typed message, our API wraps it and broadcast. The signature given by the user cannot be compromized, and it gets unwrapped on-chain. There's no gas fee payment required by users
See more details for our available login providers details
We will use the word SDK and Startrail-Sdk-Js interchangeably within rest of this document.

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