Create Collection

To know the methods calling to Startrail API from Startrail-Sdk-Js


Create a new SRR to a collection

Method parameters

Parameters Example

await sdk.createCollection(
    startrailLUWContractAddress: '0x572a9e6B66F56A0D2c5cBE13066A4662b9C07868',
    name: 'Taihei 2022',
    symbol: 'T22',
    salt: '0xea9369d265ddf31c12231b2aeb90662018499cb62117f30cf722bc1b76c62c46'


Promise will be returned which resolves with a Response object upon a successful confirmation. false will be returned when user flow is cancelled in such a case that a user closes the popup modal.

If the confirmation fails, the Promise will resolve with an {error} object that describes the failure.

Promise<Response | false>

The use of "txReceiptId" will soon be deprecated and removed.




ErrorCustom Error objects. Refer to the Error Catalogue for possible data.

Response Example

  txReceiptId: 0,
  tx: {
    contractAddress: '0xb135c5F2056e8D84a78094b1B02B28494845747F',
    salt: '0xea9369d265ddf31c12231b2aeb90662018499cb62117f30cf722bc1b76c62c46'

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